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Computer stuff

Sony Ericcson T610/613/616 bluetooth dialup networking.

Upgrading Dell laptops, especially the Dell Inspiron 8200.

Windows 2000 application compatibility mode.

Changing the Windows Start button text.

Fixing HP Jornada 710/720/728 screen brightness and contrast.

Undocumented PlexTools Professional command line switches.

Customising the Windows XP autorun system.

Handheld PC 2000 search utility: SearcH/PC.

Synchronising Mozilla Firefox 3 bookmarks between PCs.

Game stuff

The Battlecruiser Millennium Gold glossary.

Changing the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 music playlist.

Making Need For Speed Underground and Most Wanted work together.

Other stuff

My header & footer utility for HTML files.

The Pig HTML reference.

Site information

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Standard issue legal information.