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HP Jornada 710/720/728 series screen problems

If your 700 series HP Jornada has a very bright screen, you're in the right place. If you've got a 680 or 690, it will probably work. I don't know about earlier models.


The screen is very bright and nearly unreadable.
Brightness and contrast still seem to work, but can't return the screen to normal.

The quick and easy fix

Open the screen and turn the Jornada so it's facing away from you.
Squeeze the screen on the right, about half way up and a short distance from the edge. Hopefully that should fix it.
If it's still faulty, you'll have to do the thorough fix - keep reading.
Thanks to Pixel for this fix.

The thorough fix


If you haven't got a torx T6 screwdriver, stop now. You need one. I got mine from a mobile phone toolkit.
You will also need something sharp and flat to pry the case open with, I used a jewellers screwdriver. Double sided tape is also useful, but not essential. Obviously you need something to cut the tape with as well.

Remove the screws

Open the screen and remove the stickers on the bottom corners. Keep them for later.
Undo the two screws with your T6 screwdriver.
Close the screen.

Open the case

Starting from the back, pry the top cover of the screen loose. You don't need much force. If you get close to the clips and push the top part sideways it should come off easily.
If you find the case tries to close back up when you move to the next clip, use the end of a screwdriver to hold it open.
You don't need to release the clips on the front, just slide the cover forward.


Make sure all of the cables are secure. give the plugs a poke to make sure.
On the right of the screen there is a yellow/brown ribbon cable, the widest one here. There is a small tab on each side of the socket. Flip them up.
Push the cable into the socket as far as it will go, and push the tabs back down.
On my Jornada, the tabs were unlocked and it worked correctly after reseating the cable. If this doesn't work for you, you're on your own.


One of the screen components gets hot in normal operation. It has a heat sink mounted on the top of the case. You just took that heatsink off. This means that if you run your Jornada for long, you will let the magic smoke out.
Only run your Jornada for a few seconds.
If it works, put it back together. If it doesn't work, time to visit eBay?


Snap the case back together. It should be easy. Make sure all of the clips are in place.
Open the screen and put the two screws back in.
That's it, it's fixed. Just a bit of cosmetic damage to sort out.


If you got the stickers off without damage, stick them back on. If you didn't, read on.
Remove any residual sticky stuff from the case, and carefully peel the white stuff off the backs of the stickers. Make sure you leave the silver behind.
Stick your stickers to some double sided tape, and cut around them.
Peel off the backing, and stick 'em on.
The Hewlett Packard sticker goes on the left, the 72X sticker goes on the right.

Did it work?

After using my instructions to fix, or try to fix, your H/PC, you really ought to tell me how it went so I know if I have to change anything.