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PlexTools switches

Plextor's PlexTools Professional application has a number of command line switches. As far as I can tell, they've never been documented - until now.

Although not particularly useful on their own, the switches can be used to customise Windows XP autorun.


Except for startup, each switch will start PlexTools in the mode specified on the last drive used by PlexTools.
If the mode isn't supported on that drive, such as CD/DVD Copy on a CD-ROM, it will open in the last mode used.
Nothing will happen if PlexTools is already running.

To use a switch, start PlexTools with the command path\plextool.exe switchname
Typically, path is C:\Program Files\Plextor.
Don't prefix the switch with - or /, it won't work.

The switches

Switch Effect
audiocdplayer AudioCD Player mode
cdcopy CD/DVD Copy mode
cdrommaker CD/DVD-ROM Maker mode
dae Digital Audio Extraction mode
mmplayer Multimedia Player mode
startup Unclear. Probably related to PlexTools starting with Windows


I have no idea if any of this information applies to PlexTools Professional XL. If you know, or have any other feedback on this page, let me know and I'll add your information and give you the credit.