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T610/613/616 bluetooth dialup

Many people have been unable to establish a dialup connection using a T610 (or T613 or T616) over bluetooth.
Here's the way I did it, it may work for you.

My set up

Sony Ericsson T610, customised (for the worse) by Vodafone, firmware prgCXC12-5596.TAE_EU6_EU7
A T613 or T616 should work the same way.

Dell Inspiron 8200 (upgraded), with Windows XP service pack 1 (at the time of writing).
It should work on any PC with Windows XP. Windows 2000 should be the same.

3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card (3CRWB6096)
Any 3Com bluetooth adaptor should work. Other brands may be similar

The procedure

Install the modem drivers

The technically minded can skip this step and install the drivers the hard way when required.
Insert the CD which came with the phone.
Select your language.
Click on "Install communications suite".
If you don't want to install XTNDconnect, press cancel when it starts to install. XTND is not needed to establish a dialup connection.

Find the phone

Launch Connection Manager, if it isn't running already.
Enable bluetooth on the phone.
Set the phone to visible in bluetooth options.
Hit the refresh icon in Connection Manager.
The phone should now be visible in Connection Manager.

Find the port number

In Connection Manager, click on Tools, then COM ports.
Make a note of which COM port is the Serial Client.

Install the modem

Click on the Start button, then Settings, Control Panel and finally Phone and Modem Options.
Click on the Modems tab, then the Add... button.
Tick the box (Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list.)
Click on Next.
Select Ericcson and T610 series bluetooth, then hit Next.
Select the COM port you noted earlier and hit Next.
The phone will ask if you want want to add the PC to "My devices". Say yes.
The phone will prompt for a PIN. Give it one.
The PC will prompt for a PIN. Give it the same one.
Don't be alarmed if there is a long delay at this point.
Click on Finish.

Configure the dialup connection

Set up your dialup connection as you normally would, but use T610 series bluetooth as your modem. Now dialup and tell me if this page needs any changes.