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Windows XP autorun

Windows XP's autorun system would be far more useful if it would do what you want to do instead of limiting you to a few choices. It can be customised, but it's not easy. If you're not comfortable editing the registry then this isn't for you.
This example will start PlexTools Professional to rip music when an audio CD is inserted. If that's all you want to do then you can download it, otherwise you'll have to do it the hard way.
You can also download a reg file to open drives in explore view, or read more about PlexTools switches, if you want to.

How to do it

Create the file

Copy the text in the .REG file section and paste it into Notepad.
Save the file as filename.reg.

Internal settings

Replace all instances of the autoplay task (PlexToolsRipCDAudioOnArrival) with an appropriate name for your task.
Replace all instances of the autoplay handler (PlexTools.AutoPlay.1) with an appropriate name for your task.
Replace all instances of the action name (Extract) with an appropriate name for your task.
Replace the content type (PlayCDAudioOnArrival) with whatever's appropriate for your task. See the table below.
Replace the command (\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\" DAE) with the command to perform your chosen action.
Note the quotes and double backslashes.

Visible settings

Replace the action description (Extract audio with PlexTools) with an appropriate description for your task.
Replace the application name (PlexTools) with the name of the program you are using.
Replace the action icon (\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\",-0) with the full path and filename of the icon for the action.
Replace the application icon (\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\",0) with the full path and filename of the icon for the program.
Note the quotes, double backslashes and icon index numbers.

Apply the settings

Save and close filename.reg. It's safe to leave the comments in place.
Merge filename.reg - right click and select Merge from the context menu.

Set action to default (optional)

Open My Computer and right click on the drive you want to use. Select "Properties" from the context menu.
Select the content type from the drop down box.
Click the "Select an action to perform:" button
Select the action you want from the list and press OK.


I have know idea if my instructions make sense to anyone else, so if you use them, let me know what you think. If you make a suggestion and I use it, I'll give you the credit.


.REG file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Action"="Rip music from CD " ;Action description displayed to user
"DefaultIcon"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\",0" ;Icon for action
"Provider"="PlexTools" ;Application name displayed to user


"DefaultIcon"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\",-0" ;Default icon for autoplay handler



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Plextor\\Plextool.exe\" DAE" ;Command used to perform action

Content types

Content Registry key
Blank disk HandleCDBurningOnArrival
Data disk GenericVolumeArrival
Disk with music files PlayMusicFilesOnArrival
Disk with picture files   ShowPicturesOnArrival
Disk with video files PlayVideoFilesOnArrival
Mixed content MixedContentOnArrival
Standard audio CD PlayCDAudioOnArrival
Standard DVD movie PlayDVDMovieOnArrival

There are others, but if you're prepared to use them you ought to be capable of working the rest out for yourself.