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The Battlecruiser Millennium Gold glossary

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Term Definition
6DOF 6 degrees of freedom
A/B Afterburners
A/P Autopilot
ACM Advanced campaign mode
ACTIVE Active radar mode
AD Advanced
ADR Area defence radar
ADS Area defence shield
ADT Area defence turret
AE Alter ego
AG Agricultural
AGL Above ground level
AI Artificial intelligence
AID Altitude information display
AIR Air - TACSCAN filter
ALS Auxiliary life suport status
APC Armoured personnel carrier
APM All purpose missile
APM All purpose rocket
APN All purpose naval
ASD Alert status disply
ASL Above sea level
ASL Advanced seeker logic
ASS Assassin
ATA Air to air
ATL Automatic tracking logic
ATL/V Automatic tracking logic with video
ATS Air to surface
ATV All terrain vehicle
AUTOARM Automatically arm fighter
AUX Auxiliary
BA Bombing accuracy
BC Battlecruiser
BC3K Battlecruiser 3000AD
BCM Battlecruiser Millenium
BCMG Battlecruiser Millenium Gold Edition
BLK Blackhole
BRV Bridgeviewer status
C&C Command & control
CAB Combat assault buggy
CALS Computer assisted landing system
CAP Combat air patrol
CAS Close air support
CAS Combat alert status
CAV Combat assault vehicle
CC Command craft
CE Chief engineer
CK Combat kills
CLK Cloaking system status
CLONE Clone dead officer or pilot
CM Combat missions
CMDR Commander
CMO Communications officer
CO Combat officer
COL Colonist
COM Commercial
COM Communications computer status
COMMLINK Communications link
COMMS Pilot audio communications
CRE Credian
CREW Display craft's crew
CRI Criminal
CSD Crew status display
CSM Command status menu
CTL Continuous tracking logic
CVD Computer video display
DF Dog fighting
DIE Darklight image enhancer
DIP Diplomat
DJP Dimension jump pad
DRO Droidan
EAI Egress altitude indicator
EAR EarthCom
EF Elite force
EFM Elite force marine
EFP Elite force pilot
EM Electromagnetic
EMD Electromagnetic disruptor
EMP Empirian
ENG Engine status
ENM Enhanced nav module
EP Experience points
EVM Enhanced view mode
EWR Early warning radar
EXP Experience
EXP Explorer
FAL Falkyrie
FATAL Fast target aquisition & lock
FC Fighter craft
FC&C Fleet Command & Control
FE Flight engineer
FF Fatigue factor
FLOAT Craft has landed on water
FLX Fluxfield
FMT Friendly marine troops
FO Flight officer
FP First person
FPA Flight path attitute
FPI First person item
FPI Flight path indicator
FPV Flight path vector
FPW First person weapon
FTOL Forward takeoff and landing
GAL Galaxian
GALCOM Galactic Command
GAM Gammulan
GND Ground - TACSCAN filter
H/A Hull armour
HAC Hacker
HAG Heavy assault gunship
HALT Halt and await orders
HAV Heavy assault vehicle
HAZ Hazard
HF Hunger factor
HJ Hyperjump
HMT Hostile marine troops
HSD Hyperion sub-space device
HT High tech
HUD Heads up display
HULL Hull status
IA Instant Action
IC Interceptor
IFF Identify Friend or foe
ILD Inbound launch display
INCOM Intergalactic communications
INS Insurgent
IOD Ion disrupter
IVM Inverse view mode
JAC Just another cyborg
JMP Jump point
JOU Journalist
KAN Kandorian
KIA Killed in action
KM Kilometres
LAG Light assault gunship
LAS Photon laser array status
LAUNCH Launch if ready
LAV Light assault vehicle
LCK Hostile missile lock
LF Life factor
LNH Hostile missile launch
LOC Location
LOCK MTI missile target lock
LOG Logistix computer status
LOGISTIX Logistix computer
LTA Laser target aquisition
LTD Laser target designator
LWI Launch warning indicators
MAN Mandorian
MAP Navigation map
MBASE Military base
MER Mercenary
MI Mobile infantry
MIA Missing in action
MIL Military
MIM Mobile infantry marine
MIN Mine
MIN Mine bay status
MLS Missile launch system
MLS Main life support status
MN Minerals
MNC Main computer status
MO Medical officer
MTAR Missile target aquisition reticle
MTD Missile tracking designator
MTI Missile tracking indicator
MUL Mixed
MZONE Mission zone
NAV Navitron computer status
NAVITRON Navitron computer
NAVSCAN Navigational scan mode for probes
NB Naval base
NBASE Naval base
NID Navigation interface display
NIR Navigational Information Relay
NO Navigation officer
NPC Non-player character
NRE Nuclear reactor status
NTD Navigation target designator
NTD Navigation tracking designator
O2 Oxygen level
OC Other craft
ODS Orbital defence system
ODSML Oribital defense system missile logic
OPR Operational status
ORB Celestial orb
ORDERS Tactical orders menu
OTS Orbit to surface
PAD Phased array ion disrupter
PAR Paramedic
PAS Personnel assault skimmer
PASSIVE Passive radar mode
PATROL Patrol and engage hostiles
PERSCAN Presonnel scan
PLS Probe link system
POL Police
PRL Personal rocket launcher
PRO Probe bay status
PS Planetary support
PSP Planetary support pilot
PSS Power systems status
PTA Passive target aquisiton
PWA Primary weapons array
PWR Weapons power level
PZ Patrol zone
R/R Retro rockets
RAI Raider
RANDOM Random access nuclear disrupter for obsolete matter
RCU Radiation control unit
RE Research engineer
REC Reactor core status
RELEASE Release person from MEDIBAY
RITL/V Redundant independent tracking logic with video
RLI Radiation level indicator
RO Robotics
RTB Return to base
RTM Radar target mask
SAD Search and destroy
SAL Surface to air laser
SAM Surface to air missile
SAS Ship alert status
SB Star base
SBASE Star base
SC Shuttle craft
SCAN MTI missile target seek
SCI Scientist
SDM Station defence missile
SE Systems engineer
SEAD Supress enemy air defences
SETPOS Set position
SF Space force
SFM Space force marine
SHD Shield status
SHI Ship heading indicator
SINK Craft is sinking in water
SMD Stores manifest display
SNG Start new game
SNV Supernova
SOP Standard orbital profile
SOS Emergency broadcast
SP Solar panel
SP1 Solar panel 1 status
SP2 Solar panel 2 status
SPC Space - TACSCAN filter
SRE Solar reactor status
SSD System status display
SSR System Status Relay
SSS Support ships status
STATS Statistics
STO Surface to orbit
STS Space to space
STT Single target tracking
SUL Support unit locator - TACSCAN filter
SVI Ship velocity indicator
SYR Syrion
SYSTEMS CC systems menu
TA Training Academy
TA SHIELD Tacyon anagram shield
TAC Tactical computer status
TAC TACSCAN computer
TACLINK Tactical link mode for probes
TACOPS Tactical operations computer
TACSCAN Tactical scanner
TACTICAL Tactical computer
TAR Target aquisiton reticle
TARGET Select and display craft in CVD
TAXI Craft has landed on ground
TDD Tactical data display
TDD Transport deployment designator
TDU Target designator unit
TER Terran
TIR Tactical information relay
TLD Target lead designator
TLL Target locator line
TLM Tactical launch menu
TMCD Trans-matrix cloaking device
TO Tactical officer
TOU Tourist
TP Transporter
TRA Tractor beam control status
TRA Tractor beam indicator
TRA Trader
TRACK MTI missile target track
TRADCOM Trade computer
TRK Hostile radar tracking
TTD Tactical target designator
TVM Tactical view mode
TWI Track warning indicator
VAL Valkyrie
VES Vesperon
VID Video link
VIO Violations
VITL Visual independent tracking logic
VMI Velocity match indicator
VSL Visual seeker logic
VTOL Vertical take off & landing
WEP Weapons
WEP Weapons computer status
WHI Waypoint heading indicator
WOR Worker
WRM Wormhole
WTS Waypoint tracking system
ZEL Zelon