Spiny's Generic Website

Who are you?

Like you care. This isn't a vanity website - it only exists to provide what I consider to be useful information. There's no information about me here because it's irrelevant.

Note the complete absence of background images and so on. Any image is I use is here for a reason. It may not be a very good reason, but it's my reason. If you want a brightly coloured, stomach churning, slow loading website, find another or make your own. If you disagree with what I consider useful, tough. If you have something constructive to add, contact me.
If, for some bizarre reason, you decide you like my style and want to get to know me better, don't. I'm not like this in real life. No-one writes the way they talk. Besides, you know nothing about me and I'm not about to tell you either.

That was a therapeutic rant. Try it sometime.